About us

Dr. Michael Tyrone Cushman Sr. was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. He matriculated through the Detroit school system; was an honor graduate of Pershing High School; attended Detroit Bible College and is a graduate of Wayne State University. Dr. Cushman was awarded the Honorary Doctor of Divinity from The Southern California School of Ministry where he was also Professor of Old Testament Survey and Bible Doctrine.

For 43 years Dr. Cushman has become a well known experienced pastor, preacher and church leader 22 of which were spent as the Senior Pastor of the Pasadena Church of God, Pasadena, California. He has held many positions and received many honors as Pastor, Teacher, Community Leader, advisor and confidant of Mayors, Police Chiefs and fellow Pastors around the country.

He is a licensed Church Consultant specializing in comprehensive support for Healthy Churches.

Dr. Cushman served a vigorous and highly successful four years as President of the National Inspirational Youth Convention, Chairman of the West Coast Interstate Association and has just completed a challenging 5 year term as the first General Overseer of the National Association of the Church of God. During his tenure, he is credited with nearly tripling the income, dramatically improving the infrastructure of the beloved Family Retreat Center, carrying out the restructuring of the National Association and initiating the first one-on-one racial reconciliation dialogue between National leaders of the four main ethnic organizations of the Church of God Reformation Movement.

Raised in the hard-core “Eight Mile Rd Projects” of Detroit, Michigan, he was labeled a “dreamer” in the 3rd grade where he began to manifest an uncanny writing and speaking ability. Dr. Cushman has always been the energetic visionary who tirelessly works for change by challenging the status-quo; who always championed the causes of those who had no voice – forgoing riches and risking life, limb and reputation to make a difference – earning him the title from admiring young ministers – “Tyrone X.”

“He has a disarming candor in his speech and is the most honest person I know”, said one who has known him since childhood.

Most recently he has taken on the challenge of his life. Laying his considerable energy, experience and expertise on the line, Dr. Michael Tyrone Cushman Sr. has become the founder and General Overseer of United Ministries International (UMI).

He and his childhood sweetheart Jackie, his wife of 42 years, live in San Antonio, Texas where they are launching United Ministries International a unique ministry that focuses on the care and growth of the smaller church both nationally and internationally.

Dr. and Mrs. Cushman have four adult children each involved in Christian ministry. They are proud grandparents of three granddaughters.